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  • Earth? What? What's that?

    It was destroyed many years ago, forcing the humans to escape to another planet. They are now located on Jupiter. They had a team of scientists figure out how to make oxygen flow in this space. After months of working and constructing, they were able to form a field, surrounding Jupiter's whole surface. In this new 'cage', they were able to dig into the cores of the planet, finding water, minerals and new resources, plants and trees began forming with the intake of oxygen. It was like a miracle. This whole process took only three short years, and children young or old helped the adults rebuild cities and towns. It was like Earth was reborn. There were continents, states, countries, oceans, lakes, rivers.

    Sadly, the humans were never alone.
    Dwons are what they are called. They cannot stand oxygen or water. They are able to not breathe for years if need be, but they wanted their home back that was taken from them by the humans. They were disgusting, ugly, creatures. They looked like malformed dogs, birds, and even combination's of strange animals. They are like Nightmares come true.

    With the new reconstruction of 'Earth', the humans discover these Dwons when there was a mass murder in New Japan's main city. Thankfully, it started to rain, the first any location ever has, and the Dwons began to just melt. They couldn't stand water at all. But fresh water was scarce on Jupiter. It was all salt, and they barley got harmed by that type of water, and it didn't rain very often.

    By a strange occurrence though, children and young adults alike began having powers. They were similar to old tales and kiddish stories. With this, as they discovered their powers, they drove back the Dwons. When the rest of the Dwons went deep into the Earth for hiding, their powers disappeared, allowing the children to live their lives.

    The Dwons have returned, and their army is ten times bigger. Will the Legends Return? Its been over fifty years since then, who could possibly be a Legend now?
    Is it you? Me? One of your friends? No one is certain.
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